Types of Ant in the UK

Control measures should only really be required where ants are invading or living in properties. 

The primary concern in successfully eradicating ants is to correctly identify the species. Once we have established the feeding behaviour and location of  the nest  we can clarify the best treatment to use to gain complete control.

There are several thousand species of ants in the world but only around 50 species live in the United kingdom. The most common species of ants found in uk are

  • Lasius niger (Common Black Garden Ant)
  • Lasius flavus (Yellow Meadow Ant)
  • Formica rufa (Red Wood Ant)
  • Tetramorium caespitum (Pavement Ant)
  • Tapinoma melanocephalum (Ghost Ant)
  • Monomorium pharaonis  (Pharaoh’s Ant)
  • Hypoponera punctatissima (Rogers Ants)