Rogers Ants

How to tell if you have rogers ants 

Rogers Ant

Rogers Ant

  • Reddish brown in colour.
  • Workers 2mm long.
  • Sting present.
  • Prefers damp locations, particularly in crevices around drains, and is not confined to heated premises.
  • Swarming also occurs in the Roger’s ant. At such times the winged females (the few males are wingless) may be found in considerable numbers on window sills and in fly killer catch trays.

Upon identifying an infestation, contact us and we will help/advise with the next step in preparing a eradication program.

The program will consist of :-

  • We would start with a thorough inspection of all known and suspected spots where they might be hiding.
  • Customer to try get a sample us to identify.
  • Identifying the insect species causing the problem.
  • Education explaining the life cycle and how their habits, habitat and behavior affects the control plan.
  • Treating affected areas by using safe an effective control products.