Drain inspection and Surveys

Our drainage inspections are used to determine if rats have entered your property via defects withing the drain system leading to your property.


Once a rat has found a defect in the system for example pipes that are broken, collapsed or has been left as redundant without being sealed it can easily escape from drainage system and tunnel out into open ground or more than likely into floor voids or cavities.

We at Dream Environmental Services have come across this more and more over the years with people experiencing reoccurring rodent infestations due to other companies missing crucial areas.

We work alongside drainage specialists that can advise us on the best solution to fix a drainage problem with little disruption.


We also supply and fit Non return Rat Valves.

The Ratflap is an ideal solution against rats entering properties via the drain system. The non-return valve is simply pushed into the pipework and does not require any specialist expertise or fitting equipment.